Museokeskus Vapriikin sisäänkäynti ulkoa kuvattuna

The new MuseoX will be located in Vapriikki

Vapriikki is home to the Finnish Postal Museum, the Rupriikki Media Museum, the Finnish Museum of Games, the Mineral Museum, the Hockey Hall of Fame Finland, the Natural History Museum of Tampere and the Pirkanmaa Regional Museum.

There are always more than ten exhibitions on display at Vapriikki, and in addition to its varied museum and exhibition offerings, Vapriikki has an inviting restaurant and an inspiring museum shop, modern meeting facilities and a workshop for the museum’s audience engagement activities.


Kuva Postimuseon sisältä, kuvassa näkyy osa näyttelytilaa

The Finnish Postal Museum

The Finnish Postal Museum is a well-established museum, which specialises in high-quality content. It has operated for almost a hundred years and has extensive expertise in a wide range of areas from exhibition production to audience engagement and communications. The Postal Museum works actively with its stakeholders and has extensive networks (media, museums, researchers, etc.) and long experience working with businesses. The Postal Museum has great resources, it is agile and ready to change with the times, and it has a positive approach to digital innovation.

The MuseoX collections will be based on the collections of the Postal Museum and Posti Group Oyj and the communications collections of the Tampere City Historical Museums.

Arkistokuvaa Pelimuseo, kaksi lasta pelaa konsolipeliä

The Finnish Museum of Games

The Finnish Museum of Games is a successful, new museum concept, which has been produced in collaboration with stakeholders using a crowdfunding campaign. The museum reaches groups of people who do not usually visit museums.

The Finnish Museum of Games has new ways of recording digital phenomena; it has tried out collaborative curating and found it to be a functional method. Active gaming communities are involved in the museum’s activities. The Finnish Museum of Games has extensive international networks and works closely with academic research.

Vanha televisiokamera Mediamuseo Rupriikki

Rupriikki Media Museum

The Rupriikki Media Museum has 20 years of experience working with communications-related themes. It strongly promotes a participatory approach to operations, and it has diverse collections of communications (as part of the Tampere City Historical Museums collections). Rupriikki staff have excellent multiliteracy skills, and the museum has networks in place with partners both in Finland and overseas.