What is MuseoX?

The aim of the MuseoX project is to create a new museum with national responsibility that will record Finnish people’s communications, games, postal activities and digital life as well as display and share experiential content. The museum will encourage people to think about communication between people, how it has changed, and its significance from the perspective of the individual and society. MuseoX will deal extensively with themes related to human interaction and flows of information and goods.

The future museum of communication, games, post and digital life will be located in Vapriikki in 2024. It will be set up by the Postal Museum together with the Finnish Museum of Games and the Rupriikki Media Museum, which are maintained by the Tampere City Historical Museums.

Our purpose

The museum of communication, games, post and digital life will enhance an understanding of the mediatised world and interaction between people as well as its transformation. The museum will promote participation, mutual trust and it will provide tools for critical thinking.

Vision 2030

We will be a trailblazer in storing the cultural heritage of digital communications and a major developer of multiliteracy and conversation culture. The museum will attract people nationally and internationally to its content both on site and through digital channels.

What is MuseoX like as a partner?

Our diverse mission is reflected in our operational roles. We want to raise questions within the museum sector and in our customers’ minds, provide tools for dialogue and bring different groups and parties together to solve shared challenges.

In our operations, we:

  • enable participation
  • record, display and develop
  • raise questions
  •  support conversation culture in society

Would you like to become a partner?

Are you interested in collaborating with a new and forward-looking museum? Do you feel that your company or community has goals similar to those of the communications museum project?

The museum’s exhibitions will offer visitors opportunities to meet and enjoy themselves. We will operate both on digital platforms and live across Finland.

If you are interested, we’ll be happy to tell you more about our concept. Please contact Tiia Tiainen, Project Manager, tel. +358 50 552 8667, tiia.tiainen@postimuseo.fi.

Project schedule



The communications museum concept is completed.


The project website is launched.

The project’s social media channels open.

June – July

We visit interesting museums in the field of communications across Finland and share information about them on our communication channels


Completion of the communications museum collection programme.


Submission of our application to become a museum with national responsibility in communications.



The Ministry of Education and Culture announces its decision on the application related to the status of a museum with national responsibility.



Our work starts as a museum with national responsibility in communications.